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What a boring life in the fairytale castle! All the fairies have to be smiling, graceful and silent. It would be nice to be a witch and fly on brooms, scream, laugh and get dirty! With this wish, Rosemary decides to venture into the woods.

Animated short : 15 minutes

In development

Rosalie & Mister Moon

Rosalie is a playful energy-bomb-like duckling that never wants to go to bed. But every night, as soon as the clock strikes bedtime, Mister Moon will undertake everything he can to get Rosalie asleep, using parental tricks, sleeping-well rituals and good-night magic.

TV series: 52 episodes of 5 minutes

The Blue Bird

Teenager Myt and her younger steph brother Tyl depart on a quest to find happiness. They try to catch a Blue Bird with the help of their miraculous little compagnons.

Animated feature: 90 minutes

Based on the play by Nobel Prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck.

Finished Works

Little Dolphin

When a young dolphin loses his mother, he finds himself all alone in a dark and scary place. 

Animated short: 9 min

Meet the dinos

A young pterasaur has difficulties in learning to fly.

Animated short: 10 min


You’re caught red-handed during a diamant robbery. Police hunts you down as you jump from the roof of a skyscraper.

Produced by Round The Bend
Distributed by CineVenture

Animated ride film: 4 minutes

Great Wall of china

The Great Wall of China becomes a dangerous attraction when you’re stuck in a runaway rickshaw.

Animated ride film: 8 min

Toy Racer

Fast Freddy is convinced he’s the world’s best driver. He’s up for a challenge.

Animated ride film: 9 min

Rome Racer

In ancient Rome the gods are getting ready for a rivalry race.

Animated ride film: 6 min

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