Films and series

In development

The Blue Bird

Teenager Myt and her younger steph brother Tyl depart on a quest to find happiness.

They try to catch the Blue Bird with the help of their miraculous little compagnons.

Animated feature: 90 minutes

Based on the play by Nobel Prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck.

Rosalie & Mister Moon

Rosalie and Mister Moon are always arguing, because Rosalie loves to stay up late.

TV series: 26 episodes of 7 minutes


Discover the world with prehistoric pets. 

Join Bass, Tess and their 4 dinopuppies!

TV series: 26 episodes of 11 minutes

In production


Rosemary is a young fairy who would much rather be a witch.

But that’s against her mother’s wish.

Animated short : 10 minutes

Based on the book By Brigitte Minne and Carll Cneut published at De Eenhoorn.

new release


You’re caught red-handed during a diamant robbery. Police hunts you down as you jump from the roof of a skyscraper.

Produced by Round The Bend
Distributed by CineVenture

Animated ride film: 4 minutes

Finished works

Little Dolphin

When a young dolphin loses his mother, he finds himself all alone in a dark and scary place. 

Animated short: 9 min

Meet the dinos

A young pterasaurus has difficulties in learning to fly.

Animated short: 10 min

Great Wall of china

The Great Wall of China becomes a dangerous attraction when you’re stuck in a runaway rickshaw.

Animated ride film: 8 min

Toy Racer

Fast Freddy is convinced he’s the world’s best driver. He’s up for a challenge.

Animated ride film: 9 min

Rome Racer

In ancient Rome the gods are getting ready for a rivalry race.

Animated ride film: 6 min


A scary descent towards an underground world ruled by skeletons.

Animated ride film: 8 min


Witness a flight in the world’s fastest military aircrafts.

Animated ride film: 5 min

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